Monday, 22 July 2013

Learn How to Enable Your Computer to Welcome You

Open your notepad. Write the following code as given below.

    Dim speaks,speech
    speaks="Welcome to your PC,username Wish you a very nice moment"
    Set speech=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
    speech.Speak speaks

Here, username means your name. You can write here(welcome to...........nice moment)whatever you like. But remember don't give any full stop after completing a sentence. Suppose you have written (welcome to your PC,tusher.Wish you a very nice moment.) Your computer will say like this(welcome to your PC,tusher dot wish you a very nice moment dot) So don't give any full stop after completing a sentence. Now you need to save the code.For saving the code click the following steps.
 File→Save as→Text Documents(*.txt)→select “All Files”
Now give a filename as you like.But give .vbs at the last. If you wish to write your filename"welcome". Just write like this. welcome.vbs   Then click "save".
Copy the save file.Go to your C drive. For windows 7 and 8 click the following steps.
 Local Disk(C:)→Users→{user name}→App Data((((app data is a hidden folder.In order to see it click…. Organize(top left)→ Folder and search option →view→ select “show hidden files”→OK))))Roaming→ Microsoft→ Windows→ Start Menu →Programs →Start up. Now paste the save code. That's all. From now whenever you will open your computer your computer will welcome you.
For windows XP click the following steps.
Local disk(C:)→Documents and Settings→ All Users→ Start Menu→ Programs→ Start Up. Paste the save code.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Learn how to use different SIM in GP modem

Connect the GP modem to your computer. You will see the home screen of GP modem. Now you don’t need to click the “connect” icon for internet connection. Look at the top. There you can see “File” “Operation”  “Tools” “Help” “GP Favorites”. Now just click the following steps.
                            Tools →Options→ Profile Management→ New
Now give a profile name instead of “New profile 1”. If you want to use ROBI SIM in your GP modem you need to write here AKTEL or ROBI-INTERNET. Then click “static”. Now you need to change the access number below. Give *99***1# instead of *99#. After that  click “OK”. Then click “Yes”. That’s all.  Now hopefully you will be able to do the process.
For the other SIM the process is same. Only you need to change the profile name and APN. I am giving below different SIM’s profile name and their APN.
Internet setting for Airtel:
APN: internet
Internet setting for Banglalink:
APN: blweb
Internet setting for Robi:
APN: internet